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I need music

I need music, the one I've chosen

Especially yours. I never see you on television

I know nothing about you

I don't ask you

To have a little part

Of happiness more and more

When I hear you playing guitar,

I don't ask no more.




medium_volcan.jpgThe sun shone stronger

And the sky was more blue

When I knew you would come here.

The volcano awaked

It overflowed when you arrived

And now, where are you ?

It's with you I want to sing

I can't part all things

With a man like you

I want to play guitar with you

I should want all days hear you singing

The sweetness is there when your voice resound

But people don't pay attention

All I want is hear you singing.




Pictures come back often in my mind

I hide my hopes into me

I ask myself why I lost my time

I have a secret but I am afraid

I am afraid to keep it into me

I have not find yet an issue

My dreams are always the same :

I am searching for an issue.

Help me, because I don't want

To turn round into the mediocrity.

I don't feel myself always

Strong in front of people

It is hard to find good friends

Amity will be always unsalable

I run away for not stiffle

Some people are so passable

I don't want to pay attention

And don't want to know their intentions.




When I was 17, I've missed the first love train

When I was 21, I've taken up the second love train

Now it's always roll

It's always roll.

I want to take advantage of life

And nothing to regret like before

When we love somebody, we must tell it

I cannot travel over the world

To embrace those I love

I must tell it

I want to take advantage of life

But I sing songs to comfort me, those I love.




I am very small near you

I am only a little spot

In the crowd who applaud

I have nothing to present you

I am not important

I am just a little woman

I can't give you anything

Like you have given to me

You are like a child

You don't try to bride

Your friends love you

The others don't understand

But it's not important

Are you alone in the blue ?

Only music is good for you

It beg you sometime too

Do you think of who applaud ?

It's well for you and for them

It's a compensation of all strains

But we are getting old.

Take good care of your life

Though time is running

You understand what bungle the life

You don't want to fall in

But all we have our glance

Point on you, it's indecent.